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Say goodbye to insurance billing for doctor’s office visits

Direct Primary Care for Toledo

from DPC Network of NW Ohio

What if you could visit the doctor on the day you feel a need to see your physician? And what if the restrictions imposed by your insurance plan vanished? And how good would it feel to be relieved of the cost of healthcare insurance altogether?

Get ready to jump for joy. DPC can assure quality health care without the burden of insurance. 

Direct Primary Care is perfect for both individuals and families. And DPC works for businesses who want to provide more flexible options for their employees.


Finally, a care option that lets you relax

You may be single or have a family.  Maybe you're self-employed, or responsible for hundreds of employees. You might even be someone who makes their living proposing healthcare plans to others.


Whatever the case, Direct Primary Care is something to explore. You'll find one of the things sorely missing from most healthcare decisions: relief.

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