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DPC For Families

Direct Primary Care returns and updates the idea of the ‘family doctor’.


Health insurance plans for working married couples and partners can cause one spouse to visit Doctor A and the other to see Doctor B. And the kids? Perhaps to a pediatrician, (Doctor C) even if a general practitioner would be an excellent and more efficient choice. Separate supplemental plans for everyone aren’t something most households can afford.


DPC memberships are available at rates for individuals and as ‘family packs’ – rates adjusted per-person for the size of your family. Member families can share appointment times and telemedicine sessions. Information from the doctor is consolidated. Everything gets easier, and the family doctor is always in.  


DPC For Individuals

There are few things more daunting for a single person who does not receive work benefits, or a self-employed entrepreneur, than securing affordable, worthwhile health coverage.


If you are one of those people, Direct Primary Care was created with you in mind. It’s the solution you have been hoping to find.


DPC offers you an affordable membership that gives you far more physician access than you would find with traditional insurance. That leads to more meaningful contact with your doctor, more frequent checkups, and lower ancillary costs, like lab work and meds. You stay healthier. So when you apply for supplemental insurance for hospitalization and catastrophes, you can expect lower rates.


DPC For Business

DPC works well for any organization but is particularly effective in lowering health care coverage costs for self-insured companies and for those that pair it with high deductible or catastrophic health coverage plans.


Employers and groups save 20-40% on their overall benefit costs with the great plus of exceptional care.


Direct Primary Care doesn’t’ just save money for your and your team. It also allows your employees and their families to have convenient and generous access to their doctor, with same-day appointments, comprehensive care, and easy use.


DPC For Healthcare Brokers

Health Insurance Brokers like you are crucial to those who need to expand coverage. Brokers have been a mainstay of health insurance planning for decades.

Does this sound familiar:

You’re working with someone who needs health insurance. You gather and submit their information only to determine that the quotes that come back are too expensive for them to afford.

These days, you might very well find yourself in that predicament far too often.

You want to help, but how? What resources are waiting to be used?

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