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DPC will make you smile about your healthcare

Becoming a member-patient at a DPC-NWO practice has numerous advantages.

Direct Primary Care improves the return on your health investment, eases your schedule, and just plain keeps you healthier than restrictive insurance plans.


It's Time To Save Time

And Save Money

And Better Your Life

DPC saves you money, values your time, and just plain keeps you healthier than restrictive insurance plans.

In typical healthcare models, patients routinely avoid visiting the doctor due to high co-pays and long wait times. And when they do go the doctor, too many times, the patient can’t see the same doctor as before. They wind up with a midlevel care provider like a Physician’s Assistant or a Nurse Practitioner, when they really need to see their doctor.

When doctor’s offices are overbooked, the patient often ends up in an urgent care, where pain becomes even more expensive.

The DPC experience is different, and much better.

Since DPC-NWO practices are 15% of the size of many other local practices, we have more time and space to share with our patients. When you regularly consult with a doctor who knows you well, you can expect consistently better health.

DPC doctors give you greater access and they address your small needs right away and that prevents little nuisances from becoming big problems. Having a personal, comfortable relationship with your doctor leads you down a path toward better health.

There are no co-pays. Direct Primary Care networks consistently show cost savings of 20-25% per year over using traditional insurance*.

DPC-NWO practices also offer smoking cessation, lifestyle medicine, and more.

Direct primary care offers you flexibility, access to high quality, holistic care, and more time with your provider.

Care from a DPC-NWO doctor pays for itself, and then some.

*Based on data collected by Nextera Healthcare, Longmont, Colorado

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